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Tasting menu

Horse meat fillet tartare with Dijon mustard, quail egg and sturgeon black caviar

Oyster ROCKEFELLER Style (1 pc.)

FOIE GRAS DUET : Homemade duck liver pâté with truffles Roasted duck liver with Porcini mushrooms carpaccio

Gazpacho style cold soup with chunks of fried octopus and tiger prawn tail (available from May to September)

Butter-fried sea scallops served with red caviar on a bed of celery

Venison sirloin Rossini with duck liver, Marsala wine and cherry sauce or Grilled sea bass with orange and mustard sauce or Rack of lamb with cherry tomatoes, rucola mousse, and rosemary sauce

Macarons with forest berries and vanilla flavor accompanied strawberry sorbet or Mango surprise: mango cake decorated with flowers, mango sorbet, mango tar-tar

7 course

96.00 €

7 course (price with wine)

117.00 €

6 course

86.00 €

6 course (price with wine)

101.00 €

5 course

68.00 €

5 course (price with wine)

86.00 €