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Starters and salads

Venison tartare under a porcini mushroom cap with juniper berries and thyme, decorated with quail egg

24.00 €

Smoked venison carpaccio with blackberry mustard sauce and jelly, seasoned with cured yolk of a duck egg

28.00 €

Lightly smoked duck salad with baby spinach, avocado, caramelized walnuts and raspberry sauce

18.00 €

Striped beetroot salad with goat cheese ice cream and pecan nuts caramelized in maple syrup

12.00 €

Tiger shrimp carpaccio with grapefruit fillet and sturgeon black caviar

26.00 €

Avocado tartare with wasabi, red-veined sorrel and pea sprouts

18.00 €

Salad with baby fresh vegetables “Imperial“

15.00 €

Salad “Niçoise“ with medium cooked pink tuna, grilled artichokes, quail eggs and mustard sauce

19.00 €

Sturgeon black caviar “Sibiriada“

110.00 €

Pink tuna duet: carpaccio and tartare, with ginger-chili sauce and balsamic pearls

22.00 €

Oyster “Catch of the day“ with blue onion or ginger sauce

4.60 €

Oysters ”Imperial” with sturgeon black caviar and champagne (6 pcs.)

145.00 €

Ravioli stuffed with three kinds of nuts in truffle sauce

15.00 €

Grilled oyster with wild garlic sauce (2 pcs)

14.00 €

Oysters with champagne mousse and Reggiano parmesan (2 pcs.)

14.00 €

Burgundy pigeon breast, marinated in „Grey Goose“ vodka, tartare under a cap of black sturgeon caviar

38.00 €

Natural duck foie-gras pate with figas and rhubarb

22.00 €

Duck foie gras-stuffed ravioli

Roasted duck foie gras with caramelized fruits and fresh berries

22.00 €