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Starters and salads

Oysters IMPERIAL with sturgeon black caviar and champagne (6 pcs.)

98.00 €

Oyster CATCH OF THE DAY with blue onion or ginger sauce

4.60 €

SIBIRIADA sturgeon black caviar (50 g)

96.00 €

Caesar salad with roasted duck breast or with tiger shrimps

16.00 €

Tuna tartare with walnut oil and sturgeon black caviar

19.00 €

Fresh vegetable salad with baby bell peppers and zucchini

15.00 €

Avocado tartare with wasabi, red- veined sorrel and pea sprouts

16.00 €

Beef and duck foie-gras carpaccio with truffles

22.00 €

Horse meat fillet tartar with Dijon mustard, quail eggs and sturgeon black caviar

25.00 €

Duck liver pâté with truffles and white wine jelly

19.00 €

Roasted duck liver with porcini carpaccio

21.00 €

Oysters CASINO with crayfish tails and Parmesan (2 pcs)

14.00 €

Oysters ROCKEFELLER Style (2 pcs)

14.00 €

Oven roasted goat cheese on rucola leaves with sliced pears, raspberries, and red wine and honey sauce

18.00 €

Niçoise salad with medium cooked tuna, grilled artichokes, quail eggs and mustard sauce with mustard seeds

19.00 €

Ravioli stuffed with shrimps and scallops in lobster sauce

16.00 €

Ravioli stuffed with duck meat and liver, with foie-gras sauce

14.00 €

Ravioli stuffed with three kinds of nuts, truffle sauce

13.00 €