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Main courses

Roasted goose foie gras liver served with BRIOCHE bun with mostarda di frutta and caramelized figs

46.00 €

Fresh lobster tail with saffron sauce and lobster BISQUE

92.00 €

Burgundy pigeon in different ways – fillet, CONFIT, CONSOMME

Grilled sea bass with blood orange BEURRE BLANC sauce

36.00 €

Butter-fried sea scallops served on a bed of celery puree and truffle shavings

28.00 €

Roasted turbot fillet with wild garlic sauce and wild mushrooms

28.00 €

Grilled pink tuna fillet with black pepper sauce

28.00 €

Mini peppers stuffed with feta cheese, cashew nuts, mustard sauce and vegetable crisps

15.00 €

Roasted duck liver served with gorgonzola cheese–stuffed fig and blackberry sauce

35.00 €

Barbary duck breast with beetroot, marinated in apple juice with raspberry-beet puree and blackberry sauce

26.00 €

Venison with apple-vanilla puree and cherry flambe

29.00 €

Rack of lamb with cherry tomatoes, rucola mousse, and rosemary sauce

36.00 €

Filet mignon ROSSINI with foie-gras and truffle DEMI GLACE sauce ( 250 g)

39.00 €

Black Angus KANSAS CITY steak with green pepper sauce ( 450 g )

58.00 €