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Lithuanian Cuisine

The Feast of Gentry

Creamy Porcini mushroom soup with roasted hazelnuts, thyme and porcini cappuccino-foam

Dumplings stuffed with Lithuanian forest game meat, with leek and sour cream sauce

Grated potato pancakes with Baltic salmon caviar and fried spring onions

Potato dumpling (zeppelin) stuffed with minced beef and porcini mushrooms on a bed of duck cracklings, with a jamón crisp


Potato dumpling (zeppelin) stuffed with cottage cheese and caraway, with sour cream

Elder’s dessert: fresh cucumber and rye bread with honey

Thyme infusion

5 course

48.00 €

5 course (price with wine)

76.00 €

The Nobleman feast

Sturgeon black caviar with fresh cucumber

Smoked eel and lightly salted salmon duet with Baltic trout caviar


Oyster, enriched in cucumber brine. Idea of the cook of Radvilas (16th century)

Lasagna-testaroli of Bona Sforza (16th century) with Lithuanian forest prides – venison and wild boletus

Rye bread ice cream

Pheasant stew with honey mushrooms baked in the oven, under the puff-pastry cap (17th century)

Nobles‘ marzipan cake with nuts, dried fruits and honey (13th century)

Thyme infusion

6 course

68.00 €

6 course (price with wine)

100.00 €