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Subtle classical lightness

"Imperial" is located in Vilnius a five-star plus hotel "IMPERIAL Hotel & Restaurant". "Imperial" is a classic cuisine restaurant. The term gourmet told not only exquisite class, but also reflects the essence - no compromises for poor taste.

We know that people go to gourmet restaurants not just to eat but to experience a culinary adventure, to feel pleasure, enjoy exclusive drinks. "Imperial" interior is subtle but luxurious, service -impeccable, wine card is impressive with largest selection of champagne and the dishes are prepared only by first-class masters. Our values: good taste, moderation, solidity and peace of mind.

"Imperial" is a restaurant with a hint of American cuisine. But this time we are talking about the bourgeois cuisine, which is very different from the folk. American kitchen is a variety of cultures and traditions of the best cuisines in the world. Food freshness and quality is very important criteria for this level of restaurant. We are confident that we know a good recipe for the evening. "Imperial" menu is dominated by French and American cuisine classics. Of course, with lobsters that are shipped directly from the depths of the North Atlantic. Also the legendary foie gras pate, oysters, marmoreal beef steaks and many other classic dishes.

Children are allowed from 8 years old.